- Restaurants – Bars – Hospitality – projects

How convenient! Jackets, scarves, purses, magazines, phones, gloves, you name it. Your customers will certainly use and appreciate the storage functionality of the Storage Stool. Safe and convenient! The users themselves are effectively the lock and security. After all, their legs are in front of the basket. That means only the user sitting on the stool can reach the pull-out basket. The Storage Stools can be applied in hospitality establishments in all three sizes. This means you can create a mix of different models and different colours. For larger projects, if desired, the low model can also be purchased without Storage functionality.

- The Storage Stool in your kitchen

Recognisable? Craft supplies, drawing books, pen cases, iPads, you name it. They’re always lying around the countertop or the kitchen island. We can change that. From now on, simply store all these items in a Storage Stool.

As such, Storage Stools are great for your kitchen. Given the average height of a countertop or kitchen island, the 67 cm version is the most obvious model.

- Office

The Storage Stool is also great when applied in your office or workplace. Especially the low version with a height of 45 cm. A comfortable seat, with the storage functionality. All goods are neatly stored. If you want to use the stools on a project basis, we can also deliver them without the storage functionality.