- 3 different sizes

The Storage Stools are available in 3 different sizes. 45 cm high, for use at a table or in an office. 67 cm high, mostly used in hospitality for lower tables, but also by consumers in combination with a kitchen island. And the biggest size, 78 cm high. This size is perfect for use at a bar and in restaurants.

- The basic stool

The basic version of the Storage Stools is grey. A beautiful, warm, full colour, the RAL 7005. It comes standard with the plywood seat and back, as shown in the image. Of course, it is available in all 3 different sizes.

- All RAL colours possible

The unique thing about the Storage Stools is that you can order the stool in the colour of choice, even with an order of just one stool! When ordering a coloured stool, you can also order the desired seat and back in the 3 different colours and variants. This means you design your own stool!

- Your own designed stool

The Storage Stool comes standard with rubber feet. The finesse of the genuine leather handle and the logo on the basket make the stool into a beautiful whole.